New Perspectives on Paul

Rutherford House, Edinburgh
10th Edinburgh Dogmatics Conference: 25–28 August 2003
N. T. Wright, Bishop of Durham

I am grateful for the invitation to this conference, and for the sensitive way in which the organisers responded to my comments on the intial outline of the programme. I am aware that fresh interpretations of Paul, including my own, have caused controversy in evangelical circles, and particularly reformed circles. My own name has been linked with proposals which have been variously dismissed, scorned, vilified and anathematized. Having heard the papers yesterday morning and afternoon I suggested to David Searle that I should take two hours not one to say what needs to be said just now; but when I heard Tony Lane last night I realised I would need, like Cardinal Seripando at Trent, two days to establish my own orthodoxy. We shall see…

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