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Paul Jesus Other Articles
New Perspectives on Paul
(145K PDF Version)
Jesus and the Identity of God
(150K PDF Version)
How Can The Bible Be Authoritative?
Paul's Gospel and Caesar's Empire (250KB PDF) Jesus' Resurrection and Christian Origins God in Public? Reflections on Faith and Society
Paul in Different Perspectives Five Gospels But No Gospel: Jesus and the Seminar (180K PDF) Freedom and Framework, Spirit and Truth: Recovering Biblical Worship
The Shape of Justification Jesus, Israel and the Cross (155K PDF) New Testament Scholarship and Christian Discipleship (260K PDF)
Paul and Caesar: A New Reading of Romans The Historical Jesus and Christian Theology The Bible and Tomorrow's World
Communion and Kononia: Pauline Reflections on Tolerance and Boundaries The Most Dangerous Baby Kingdom Come? The Public Meaning of the Gospels
Justification: The Biblical Basis and its Relevance for Contemporary Evangelicalism (200K PDF) An Evening Conversation on Jesus and Paul (144KB PDF) Women's Service in the Church: The Biblical Basis
Romans and the Theology of Paul (250K PDF) The Servant and Jesus God and Caesar, Then and Now (150K PDF)
Gospel and Theology in Galatians (120K PDF) Grave Matters The Holy Spirit in the Church
4QMMT and Paul: Justification, 'Works,' and Eschatology (344KB PDF) God's Way of Acting The Lord's Prayer as a Paradigm of Christian Prayer
The Letter to the Galatians: Exegesis and Theology The Resurrection as a Historical Problem Resurrection: From Theology to Music and Back Again
The Law in Romans 2 (188K PDF) Early Traditions and the Origin of Christianity Decoding The Da Vinci Code
On Becoming the Righteousness of God (107K PDF) The Resurrection and the Postmodern Dilemma The Christian Challenge in a Postmodern World
The Paul of History and the Apostle of Faith (154K PDF) Can a Scientist Believe in the Resurrection?  The Bible and Christian Imagination
Paul, Arabia, and Elijah (Galatians 1:17) (111K PDF) Doing Justice to Jesus God, 9/11, the Tsunami, and the New Problem of Evil
Gore Lecture: Coming Home to Saint Paul? Jesus' Self Understanding The Bible for the Post Modern World (151K PDF)
Two Radical Jews Resurrecting Old Arguments: Responding to Four Essays Worship and the Spirit in the New Testament
An Evening Conversation on Paul with James D.G. Dunn and N.T. Wright Imagining the Kingdom: Mission and Theology in Early Christianity Where is God in ‘The War on Terror’?
Redemption from the New Perspective? Towards a Multi-Layered Pauline Theology of the Cross NT Wright's Review of Pope Benedict's book Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives. The Cross and The Caricatures
Mind, Spirit, Soul and Body: All for One and One for All: Reflections on Paul’s Anthropology in his Complex Contexts      The Monarchs and the Message: Reflections on Bible Translation 
 from the Sixteenth to the Twenty-First Century
Justification: Yesterday, Today and Forever (360KB PDF)    God in the Dock: What Place Now for Christian Faith in Public Life?


Wright Audio/Video

Audio of NTW's 4 talks “Finding and Following the True Jesus” at the C. S. Lewis Institute in 2002 are available for free download at:
Finding and Following the True Jesus
 InterVarsity Press Conference, January 1999:
 Jesus and the Kingdom (8.5MB MP3)
 Jesus and the Cross (8.2MB MP3)
 Jesus and God (10.4MB MP3)
 Jesus and the World's True Light (9.8MB MP3)
 Vimeo, Spring 2012:  
 N. T. Wright sings about Genesis 
 N. T. Wright sings Sydney Carter 
 N. T. Wright sings Bob Dylan   
 The January Series of Calvin College, January 2012:  
 How God Became King: Why We've All Misunderstood the Gospels   
 Vimeo, November 2011:  
 N. T. Wright at Moody Bible Institute   
 Willow Creek Media, November 2011:  
 Simply Jesus   
 Alter Video Magazine, 2011:  
 N.T. Wright Films   
 Nomad Podcast Interview, October 2011:  
 Tom Wright, academia, the new earth and Simply Jesus   
 St. John's Nottingam YouTube Channel: 
 Introduction to Galatians 
 Introduction to Romans 
 The Shape of Paul's Theology   
 The Parish of Calvary-St. George's: 
 Born Aloft On Eagles Wings (Audio)    
 The Big Bible Project: 
 The Big Read 2012  
 The Big Read 2011  
 The Big Read 2010    
 Bristol School of Christian Studies, January 2011: 
 Putting the Gospels Back Together: How We've All Misread our Central Story    
 Trinity Western University (YouTube): 
 Being Human    
 Trinity Western University (YouTube): 
 Asking the Right Questions    
 Diocese of Dallas Stanton Lecture Series, November 2010: 
 New Creation in Advance: Building Christian Character in Tomorrow's Church 
 Faith and Leadership, October 2010: 
 N.T. Wright: Working on a building 
 Duke Divinity School 2010 Convocation and Pastor's Conference: 
 The Living Witness: Tradition, Innovation, and the Church
 Revelation and Christian Hope: Political Implications of the Revelation to John 
 Duke University Chapel, October 2010: 
 Sunday Service 10-10-2010 
 WYSOCS, June 2010: 
 Human Flourishing in Tomorrow's World 
 Center for Faith and Work, June 2010: 
 After You Believe 
 The King's College, April 2010: 
 Interview with N. T. Wright    
 The 19th Annual Wheaton Theology Conference, April 2010: 
 Jesus, Paul and the People of God: A Theological Dialogue with N. T. Wright    
 The Big Read: Exploring Luke's Gospel for 2010 and Beyond 
 Luke For Everyone: Luke 1 (28MB MP3) 
 Luke For Everyone: The Passion in Luke (27MB MP3) 
 Luke For Everyone: Easter and Beyond (27MB MP3) 
 Facing the Challenge, February 2010: 
 Tom Wright, Bishop of Durham, speaking at the Biblefresh launch event in Durham    
 The BioLogos Foundation, January 2010: 
 N.T. Wright on Evolution, the Enlightenment, and Worldviews
 N. T. Wright on Meaning and Myth
 On Genesis 2 and 3  On Adam and Eve  
 Evangelical Alliance Slipstream, January 2010: 
 Tom Wright: World changing Bible readers    
 Center of Theological Inquiry: 
 N. T. Wright at CTI
 Director William Storrar's Interview with Bishop N. T. Wright  
 Nomad Podcast, February 2009:
 Tom Wright and New Creation (Direct Link)
 Auburn Avenue Media:
 Interview with N. T. Wright on Surprised by Hope 
 St. John's Nottingham YouTube:
 St. John's College, Durham YouTube:
 Digital Symposium 
 Holy Trinity Brompton, June 2009:
 Jesus and Tomorrow's World 
 Fuller Theological Seminary, February 2009:
 Learning the Language of Life: New Creation, and Christian Virtue (iTunes) 
 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, February 2009:
 Paul For Tomorrow's World 
 Cathedral Church of St. Mary, January 2009:  
 Paul for Everyone (Audio/Video)
 Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, December 2008:  
 Following Christ 2008 
 Harvard Graduate School Christian Fellowship, November 2008:  
 Reconstructing Hope 
 Park Street Church, November 2008:
 Christian Hope in a Confusing World (10.1MB MP3)
 Socrates in San Francisco, October 2008:
 A Good God? A Dialogue about the Problem of Suffering and Evil 
 Church Mission Society, July 2008: 
 A Biblical Hope for Mission 
 Slipstream Podcast, July 2008: 
 Bishop Tom Wright Interview 
 The Colbert Report, June 2008: 
 Interview with Bishop N. T. Wright 
 West End United Methodist Church, April 2008: 
 Surprised by Hope Lecture 
 St. Paul United Methodist Church, April 2008: 
 Interrobang?! Interview 
 The Veritas Forum, April 2008: 
 Why Does Jesus' Resurrection Matter?  (Audio/Video)
 Trinity Church Boston, April 2008: 
 Listen to the "N.T. Wright: Surprised by Hope" Forum 
 Dr. Gary R. Habermas, March 2008:
 Discussion with Anthony Flew, N. T. Wright and Gary Habermas 
 BBC Radio 4, March 2008: 
 Lent Talks (Audio) (Transcript) 
 ABC News, February 2008: 
 Bishop's Heaven: Is There Life After the Afterlife? 
 Church Leadership Conversations, November 2007: 
 Audio from SBL and AAR (Scroll Down) 
 St. Aldates Sermon, January 2008: 
 The Roots, Basis And Fruits Of Christian Hope 
 Asbury Theological Seminary, November 2007: 
  N.T. Wright speaks at Kentucky Chapel (Scroll Down) 
 Interview with N. T. Wright 
 Reformational-UK, June 2007: 
 WYSOCS 21st Birthday Weekend Lectures 
 Thinking About God in Tomorrow's World 
 Whatever did St. Paul do with the Kingdom of God
 The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, May 2007: 
 Can a Scientest Believe in the Resurrection? (18MB MP3)
 Streaming Video | Video Download - Focus on Preaching, April 2007: 
 Preaching - N.T. Wright 
 Christian Aid Act Justly Conference, March 2007: 
 Putting the World to Rights (16MB MP3)
 St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church - Roanoke, Virginia, March 2007: 
 Questions and Answers for Sunday Church School (5.1MB MP3)
 Resurrection and the Calling of the Christian (7.9MB MP3)
 Church of the Holy Spirit - Roanoke, Virginia, March 2007: 
 Resurrection and the Future World (31.5MP MP3)
 Resurrection and the Task of the Church (33.8MB MP3)
 Roanoke College - Center for Religion and Society, March 2007: 
 Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead? (Audio/Video)
 University of Saint Mary of the Lake / Mundelein Seminary, March 2007: 
 The Albert Cardinal Meyer Lecture Series 
 Calvin College, January 2007: 
 Simply Christian 
 Space, Time and Sacraments 
 St. Paul's Theological Centre, November 2006: 
 Godpod 16 
 Godpod 17 
 The Veritas Forum, October 2006: 
 Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense 
 KFUO Radio Interview: Issues, Etc. 
 The Problem of Evil
 KFUO Radio Interview: Issues, Etc. 
 The New Perspective on Paul
 Nashotah House, May 2006:
 Commencement Address (MP3)
 Washington National Cathedral video, May 2006:
 Simply Christian
 City Church, May 2006:
 Open Forum with N.T. Wright
 Grace Cathedral, May 2006:
 N.T. Wright and Anne Rice: Writing Our Way to God
 European Leaders' Conference, February 2006:
 Jesus, The Cross and the Power of God (11.2MB MP3)
 Jesus and the Kingdom of God (7.55MB MP3)
 Durham New Testament Seminar, October 2005:
 Jesus (7.5MB MP3)
 Paul (7MB MP3)
 Seattle Pacific University, May 2005: The Bible and Christian Imagination
 Pepperdine University, January 2005:
 The Challenge of Following Jesus in the 21st Century:
 Lecture 1
 Lecture 2
 Lecture 3
 Open Source Theology, September 2004:
 Future of the People of God talks
 European Leaders' Conference, February 2004:
 Jesus' Resurrection and God's New Creation (6.55MB MP3)
 God's Power, God's Salvation, God's Justice (7.14MB MP3)
 Calvin College, January 2003:
 Preaching and Teaching Romans
 Baylor Chapel, October 2002: Lecture on Evil
 Calvin College, January 2002:
 Freedom and Framework, Spirit and Truth: Recovering Biblical Worship
 George W. Truett Theological Seminary, 2001:  
 Parchman Lectures (Scroll Down)
 Yale University, 1996. The Veritas Forum:
 The Jesus of Myth and History (28MB MP3)
 So What? (20MB MP3)
 BBC Radio interview
 BBC Radio 3 Interview, Transcript
 Jerry Bowyer interview: N.T. Wright and New Insights on Paul (11.4MB MP3)

Wright Sermons

Paul and the Puzzle of Freedom Psalm 119.41–48; Galatians 5.13–18;April 2013
Those Whom He Justified, He Also Glorified Romans 8.17-39; 22 February 2013
The Great Story Ecclesiasticus 44.1-15; Hebrews 11.32-12.2; Matthew 5.1-12; 26 July 2011
With Wings as Eagles Isaiah 55.8-13; Romans 8.1-11; Matthew 13.1-23; 10 July 2011
Jesus in the Perfect Storm Zechariah 9.9-17; Luke 19.28-48; Palm Sunday 2011
The Glory and the Prayer Ezekiel 1.22-28; Colossians 1.24-29; John 17.1-13; June 2010
The Circle of Love  John 17.14-26;June 2010
When the Spirit Comes Acts 2.1–21; John 16.4b–11; Pentecost 2010 
Water, Fire and Breakfast Romans 6.3–11; Luke 24.1–12; Easter 2010 
Resurrection and Rock'n'Roll  Acts 10.34–43; John 20.1–18; Easter 2010 
Comfort, O Comfort My People Isaiah 40.1-11; 2 Corinthians 1.3-11; July 20 2009
Full of the Knowledge of the Lord Isaiah 11.1-10; Acts 17.22-32
The Power of Heaven Let Loose on Earth Acts 2.1-21; John 15.26-16.15; Pentecost 2009
The Mutilated Mountain Isaiah 61.1-2 with 58.6; Matthew 5.3-10; May2009
Let Beauty Awake; Acts 10.34-43; John 20.1-18; Easter 2009
Living in God's Future - Now! Romans 6.1-11; Mark 16.1-8; Easter 2009 
Running to the Tomb John 20.1-10; April, 11 2009
The Government Shall Be Upon His Shoulders, Isaiah 9.2-7; Luke 2.1-20; Christmas Eve 2008
Incarnation and Establishment, Isaiah 52.7-10; John 1.1-18; Christmas Morning 2008
Glory, Word and Unity, Isaiah 55; John 17.20-end; 22 October 2008 
Wisdom in a Troubled Time, Job 28; Psalm 8; 1 Corinthians 2.1-10, September 2008 
The Hour has Come, Song of Songs (selections); John 2.1-11, July 2008 
The Stream, the Lake and the River, Acts 2.1-21; John 7.37-39, Pentecost 2008 
The Uncomfortable Truth of Easter, Acts 10.34-43; John 20.1-18, Easter 2008 
Dreaming of a White Easter, Romans 6.3-11; Matthew 28.1-10, Easter Vigil 2008 
God in Private and Public, 1 Samuel 3.1-10; Revelation 1.5b-8; Luke 7.36–50, 20 March 2008 
Power to Become Children , Isaiah 52.7-10; John 1.1-18, Christmas Morning 2007
The Shepherds at Midnight , Christmas 2007
Where Shall Wisdom be Found?, Job 28.12-28; Colossians 1.24-2.5, 23 June 2007
Spirit of Truth, Acts 2.1-21; John 14.8-27, 27 May 2007
On Earth as in Heaven, Acts 16.16-34; John 17.20-end, 20 May 2007
Jesus the Risen Judge -- and Forgiver, Acts 10.34-43; John 20.1-18, Easter Morning 2007
God's Future in Person, Romans 6.3-11; Luke 24.1-12, Easter Vigil 2007
The Word of the Cross, 1 Corinthians 1.18, Maundy Thursday 2007
Full of Grace and Truth, Hebrews 1.1-4; John 1.1-18, Christmas 2006
Emperors and Angels, Isaiah 9.2-7; Luke 2.1-20, Christmas Eve 2006
Come and See, Zechariah 8.20-end; John 1.35-42, St. Andrews Day 2006
Benefactors and Innovators, Ecclesiasticus 44.1-15, 22 November 2006
Apocalyptic and the Beauty of God, Isaiah 65. 17-25; Revelation 21.9-27, 22 October 2006  
City on a Hill, Isaiah 60.1-4; Colossians 1.15-20; Matthew 5.1-16, 17 October 2006
Dusty Road, Golden City, 1 Peter 2.1-10; Psalm 122; Matthew 16.13-28, 15 October 2006
The Road to New Creation, Isaiah 35.1-10; Luke10.25-37, 23 September 2006
The Ear of the Servant, the Tongue of the Teacher, Isaiah 50.4-10; Galatians 1.11-24; Mark 10.35-45, 16 September 2006
A Right Judgment in All Things, Acts 2.1-21; John 15.26–27; 16.4b-15, June 4 2006
Rest and Reflection, i Kings 19.9b-12; Mark 6.30-34, June 3 2006
The Easter Vocation, Acts 10.34-43; John 20.1-18, Easter 2006.
That the World May Believe, Is 41; Eph 4; John 17, January 28 2006.
What Is This Word?, John 1.1-14, Christmas 2005.
The Prince of Peace, Isaiah 9:2-7, 13 November 2005.
They Sing a New Song, Ex 15; Ps 98; Rev 5; John 20, July 2005.
Christ the Power of God and the Wisdom of God, 1 Corinthians 1.18-2.5, July 2005.
Come and See! Go and Tell!, Matthew 28.1-10, Easter 2005.
Out of Egypt, Ephesians 1.3-6, 15-19a; Matthew 2.13-15, 19-23, 2 January 2005.
God Inside Out, Hebrews 1.1-12, Christmas 2004.

Book Excerpts:

From Scripture's Doctrine and Theology's BibleReading Paul, Thinking Scripture 
From Paul: In Fresh Perspective: Creation and Covenant
From For All the Saints? Remembering the Christian Departed: Rethinking the Tradition
From Simply Christian: Believing and Belonging
From The Millennium Myth: Apocalypse Now?
From The Way of the Lord: The Holy Land Today
 Harper Collins Publishers: 
 After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters  
 Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection and the Mission of the Church  
 Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense  

Book Reviews:

The Pope's Life of Jesus
Taking the Text with Her Pleasure
Doubts about Doubt: Honest to God Forty Years On
Simply Lewis: Reflections on a Master Apologist After 60 Years
Saved in Hope: Reflections on an Encyclical 

Q&A, Articles and Interviews

Worship Leader Interview: Scripture and History
Time Magazine: Rethinking Heaven Could Improve the World 
Read the Spirit: Interview: Tom Wright on the Kingdom New Testament Academics: N.T Wright and The People of God: An Interview with the Bishop of Durham, Part 1 Academics: N.T Wright and The People of God: An Interview with the Bishop of Durham, Part 2  
Christianity Today: Abandon Studying the Historical Jesus? No, We Need History  
Read the Spirit: Interview with Bishop Tom Wright on "After You Believe"
Read the Spirit: Tom Wright Resource Page for Small Groups
Kingdom People: The Rebirth of Virtue: An Interview with N. T. Wright 
Ben Witherington on the Bible and Culture: With Justification 
Ben Witherington on the Bible and Culture: Q and A with Bishop Wright on 'Justification' 
Intervarsity Press Author Q & A: N.T.Wright: Interview on JUSTIFICATION: God's Plan and Paul's Vision (PDF)
An interval talk at Ushaw College: The 'Passion' of St John Today 
Ben Witherington Interview: The Good Bishop Weighs In -- Tom Wright on 'Surprised by Hope' 
Kingdom People: Interview with N.T. Wright - Responding to Piper on Justification 
Christianity Today: Lambeth and paving the way to Anglican unity 
Read The Spirit: Conversation with "Tom" Wright on Resurrection, Heaven & Hope on Earth 
Kingdom People: Trevin Wax Interview with N. T. Wright on Surprised by Hope 
New Statesman: Jesus will appear again as judge of the world and the dead will be raised
Christianity Today: Heaven is Not Our Home
Preaching Today: N. T. Wright on Resurrection
Time Magazine: Christians Wrong About Heaven, Says Bishop 
Church Times: Evangelicals are not about to jump ship 
The Wittenburg Door: Heavy Theological Dude Mistakenly Talks to Us 
Said at Southern Seminary: N.T. Wright on Justification and the New Perspective on Paul (Full Transcript) 
Telegraph:  High hopes that died in the disaster in Iraq
Times Online - Ruth Gledhill: Primates: Schismatics to be "pruned from the branch"
Christianity Today Interview: Mere Mission
Rachael Kohn interview: Spiritual Classics Pt 4: Christianity
Episcopal Diocese of Washington:Wright challenges conservatives, liberals
Criswell Theological Review: An Interview with N.T. Wright (PDF)
ABC Radio interview: The World Today
Stephen Crittenden interview: The Religion Report
Seattle Pacific University Response: A Conversation with N.T. Wright
Open Source Theology: Conversation with N.T. Wright
Stephen Crittenden interview: The Religion Report
National Catholic Reporter: Interview
Theologia: An Interview with N.T. Wright
Gower Street Interview: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7
Christianity Today Interview: You Can't Keep a Justified Man Down
Beliefnet Q&A: Your Questions to N.T. Wright
Beliefnet: Your Spirit Powered Resurrection Body
Dick Staub: Gospel For Everyone
Christianity Today: Tom Wright's Theology For Everyone
Christian Century: On the third day: God's Promise Fulfilled
Christian Century: Resurrection Faith: N.T. Wright talks about history and belief
Fortress Press: The Resurrection of the Son of God
Calvin College: Interview on Worship
Calvin College: Part 1 Part 2
Christian History: Galilean Rabbi or Universal Lord?
Christianity Today: Making Scholarship a tool for the Church

Anglican Church Articles:

Diocese of Durham  Diocese Bids Farewell to Bishop Tom and Maggie 
Diocese of Durham: 2010 Diocesan Synod Presidential Address  
Diocese of Durhham: Bishop of Durham to Leave Diocese  
Journal of Anglican Studies: A Scripture-formed Communion? Possibilities and Prospects after Lambeth, ACC, and General Convention (130KB PDF) 
Fulcrum: Rowan's Reflections: Unpacking the Archbishop's Statement 
House of Lords: Economy and Business: debate on the Queen's Speech
Intervention by the Rt Revd N. T. Wright, Bishop of Durham: The Fourfold Amor Dei and the Word of God 
Fulcrum: Mid-Lambeth Conference Letter to the Diocese of Durham 
Fulcrum: Further Thoughts on GAFCON and related matters 
Reflections by the Bishop of Durham: After GAFCON 
Fulcrum Conference Islington: Conflict and Covenant in the Bible
House of Lords: Faith in Further Education?
Fulcrum: A Confused 'Covenant'
Fulcrum: Women Bishops: A Response to Cardinal Kasper
Fulcrum: The Choice Before ECUSA
House of Lords: Moral Climate Change and Freedom of Speech
Ad Clerum, December 2005
Church Times: Why Dr. Williams must stand firm
The Bishop's Ministry at Auckland Castle
Anglican Consultative Council: Shipwreck and Kingdom: Acts and the Anglican Communion
Thoughts on Concerns and Questions about the Windsor Report
Christianity Today Interview: Anglican Report is 'Fireproofing the House'

Wrightsaid Responses:

January 2004 Wrightsaid Q & A
March 2004 Wrightsaid Q & A
May 2004 Wrightsaid Q & A
September 2004 Wrightsaid Q & A
November 2004 Wrightsaid Q & A
October 2005 Wrightsaid Q & A
February 2006 Wrightsaid Q & A
June 2007 Wrightsaid Q & A

Bible Review Articles


New Dictionary of Theology Articles

The Great Debate                    Jesus
Speaking of Good and Evil                    Paul
The Shape of Justification                    Justification
Farewell to the Rapture                    Righteousness
The Resurrection of the Resurrection                   
Paul, Leader of a Jewish Revolution                   
Paul and Qumran                   
The New Inheritance According to Paul                   


Farsi: Who Founded Christianity: Jesus or Paul?
Farsi: The Dick Staub Interview
French: Adieu à l'enlèvement (86K PDF)
Portuguese: Paulo e César: uma Nova Leitura de Romanos (120KB PDF)
Portuguese: Romanos e a Teologia de Paulo (212KB PDF)
Portuguese: Decodificando O Código Da Vinci (75KB PDF)
Portuguese: Paulo em Diferentes Perspectivas (110KB PDF)
Portuguese: Paulo, Líder de uma Revolução Judaica (12KB PDF)
Portuguese: Integridade e Integração: Amando a Deus com Coração, Mente, Alma e Força (62KB PDF)
Portuguese: O Braço Nu de Deus (23KB PDF)
Portuguese: As Origens Cristãs e a Ressurreição de Jesus: A Ressurreição de Jesus como um Problema Histórico (88KB PDF)
Spanish: Justicia (21KB PDF)
Spanish: El servicio de las mujeres en la Iglesia: La base bíblica (540KB PDF)
Spanish: Decodificando El Código Da Vinci (128KB PDF)
Spanish: El estado de la justificación (618KB PDF)
Spanish: Evangelio y Teología en Gálatas (142KB PDF)
Spanish: Justificacion (43KB PDF)
Spanish: Un Dios, un Señor, Un Pueblo (450KB PDF)

Newspaper Articles:

Newsweek/Washington Post: On Faith
Daily Mail: The Crazy Culture of 'Compliance'  
The Times Online: Welcome to the Real Narnia  
The Times Online: The Americans know this will end in schism 
The Times: The Church must stop trivialising Easter 
The Catholic Herald:  The Bible can put new zest into ecumenism 
Telegraph: Homelessness is an apt metaphor for our troubled world
The Guardian: Face to faith
The Guardian: Reason to be Cheerful
The Independent: Meanings of Christmas
The Guardian: Blindly Embracing Diversity Will Damage Unity
The Guardian: The Spirit of the Age
The Guardian: Postmodern Gods. A response to Karen Armstrong
The Guardian: That Special Relationship
The Independent: Take care to avoid the Easter trap set by modernity
The Independent: The Monday Interview

Other Writings:

Women Bishops: It’s about the Bible, not fake ideas of progress
N.T. Wright: Publications as at December 2009
Heavenly Ascents: Kingdom, Power and Truth: God and Caesar Then and Now 
Theos Public Theology Think Tank: God and Government  (PDF)
A note on the subject of Debt Relief: On Dropping the Debt 
Beliefnet Blogalogue: Is Our Pain God's Problem? 
Jerusalem in the New Testament (122K PDF)
An Excerpt from The Millennium Myth: Apocalypse Now? 
The New Testament and the 'State'
My Pilgrimage in Theology
The Prayer of the Trinity
Beliefnet: Can We Trust the Gospels? 
Seattle Pacific University Response articles:
The Christian Challenge in a Postmodern World
Decoding The Da Vinci Code
The Bible and Christian Imagination
God, 9/11, the Tsunami, and the New Problem of Evil
The Book And The Story (103K PDF)
Cracking the Christmas code
An Incompleat (but Grateful) Response to the Review by Markus Bockmuehl of The Resurrection of the Son of God
Who Founded Christianity: Jesus or Paul?
Pilgrims of Hope Bishop Wright's enthronement sermon.
Teleconference on Jesus at 2000.
The C.S. Lewis Institute has an excerpt from The Challenge of Jesus (PDF)
The table of contents and first two sections of The Resurrection of the Son of God


Advent Oratorio Libretto (120KB PDF) 
Easter Oratorio by Paul Spicer | Easter Oratorio Reviews
Easter Oratorio Libretto (68K PDF) by Tom Wright


James Sire: Echoes and Voices From Beyond
Jon Rising: N.T. Wright's apologetic
Bill Wilder: The Doctrine of Justification in the Work of N.T. Wright
Andrew Perriman: Christian Origins and the Question of God
Daniel Kirk: NIB Romans Commentary review (38K PDF)
David Neff in Christianity Today on The Resurrection of the Son of God
Craig Blomberg on The Resurrection of the Son of God
Craig Blomberg on What St. Paul Really Said
Mark M. Mattison: The New Testament and the People of God
Rich Lusk: Some Random Thoughts On N.T. Wright's Romans Commentary
Andreas J. Köstenberger: What St. Paul Really Said (8K PDF)

Articles about Wright:

Robert Stewart: N.T. Wright's Hermeneutic Part 1  (PDF)
Robert Stewart: N.T. Wright's Hermeneutic Part 2  (PDF)
Nicholas Perrin: A Reformed Perspective on the New Perspective (77K PDF)
Nicholas Perrin: Some Reflections on Hermeneutics and Method (66K PDF)
John Wilson: Reform Party
Trevin Wax: N.T. Wright and the New Perspective on Paul (275K PDF)
Doug Green: N.T. Wright-A Westminster Seminary Perspective (170K PDF)
Ben Witherington: The Wright Quest for the Historical Jesus
Mark Horne: Are Wright's Critics Misreading Him?
Travis Tamerius: N.T. Wright and Evangelical Theology
Rich Lusk: N.T. Wright and His Reformed Critics
Mark Horne: N.T. Wright on the Atonement: A Brief Statement
Douglas Wilson: N.T. Wright and All That
Carey C. Newman: N.T. Wright's Search for the Historical Jesus


Socrates in the City: Surprised by Scripture (CD/MP3 Orders) 
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary: Between God and the World: Reading John in Tomorrow's Church
St. Mary's Seminary: The Bible and the Future(CD/DVD orders)
National Pastor's Convention:  NPC Media Store 
The Bishop Elliot Society:  The Bible and Tomorrow's World (CD orders) 
Wesley Ministry Network: Simply Christian Study Course 
Wesley Ministry Network: Serious Answers to Hard Questions 
Logos Bible Software: Jesus and the Victory of God
InterVarsity Press: Evil
InterVarsity Press: Resurrection
SPCK: Living Faith: Exploring the Essentials of Christianity
Auburn Avenue Media: 2005 Auburn Avenue Pastor's Conference
The Biblical Basis for Women's Service in the Church
4QMMT and Paul: New Light on Old Questions
Romans: The Greatest Letter Ever Written
Jesus' Resurrection: Then and Now
Christian Book Distributors has a Jesus: The New Way video set.
Vineyard Music CD on Reclaiming Worship

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